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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Monterey Bay Economic Partnership (MBEP)


To improve the economic health and quality of life in the region.

The Big Idea

Monterey Bay Economic Partnership’s student ambassador program provides meaningful remote, work-based learning opportunities for students in the region to cultivate a strong local workforce and advance important initiatives. The idea is to match qualified students enrolled at a higher education institution to an MBEP initiative that suits their academic and professional interests. MBEP’s initiatives cover the region’s most pressing issues— housing, climate change, transportation, workforce and technology. During a time of high unemployment, budget cuts and hiring freezes, MBEP hopes to incentivize more remote work opportunities to provide talent development, mentorship and real-world work experience. Ambassadors are immersed in a nonprofit setting, learning how to lead and manage community-driven projects, and are invited to participate in professional development activities.

Through my internship over the summer, I learned many valuable work-based technical skills like working with WordPress and using NEON CRM. As an Ambassador, I also had many opportunities to expand my professional network by attending events like MBEP’s State of the Region, Drones Automation Robotics Technologies Symposium, business mixers, and numerous community and college career fairs. I was encouraged to attend webinars and workshops for my own personal and professional development; opportunities I would not have been able to participate in on my own as a student. I’m so grateful for the encouragement, support, and guidance of Hayley, Ashley, and the entire team at MBEP. It has been such a valuable opportunity during my college experience and has given me the skills I needed to further my career.

- Gabrielle Davila