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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Monterey International Blues Festival


To preserve, educate, and present an internationally involved effort to perpetuate the great American art form of the Blues

The Big Idea

Monterey International Blues Festival aims to produce an outstanding blues music festival each year, and to continue building a youth program by engaging a select group of diverse kids and walking them through all they need to know and do to perform on the Blues Festival’s youth education stage. The nonprofit provides individual instrument lessons illustrating the characteristic form and sound of the blues, and lessons about the history and evolution of the blues and on the “business” of music. They work with the kids on recording performances for YouTube and other internet exposure, and prepare them to perform.

My hometown festival is everything to me, and should be important to every music lover in the area. The blues is America’s legacy to the world, so let’s do our part, folks, and make our hometown proud, supporting the Monterey International Blues Festival this and every year from now on.

- Stu Heydon

We’re In This Together.

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