Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Peacock Acres


Peacock Acres provides supportive housing, intense case management, and life coaching for foster children and young adults who have been separated from their families. With high character and resolve, our youth are steered towards opportunities for healing and growth as they continue their journey toward a fulfilling, productive life.

The Big Idea

The Leadership Academy builds self-confidence and interpersonal skills, addresses topics of interest to foster youth, and connects them with community mentors.

It is our absolute privilege to get to know the children and youth in our programs and be able to provide them with opportunities for growth. The Leadership Academy is special because it is designed specifically with foster youth in mind. Meetings are held once a week in Peacock Acres’ Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC). They are activity-based, youth-led as much as possible, and emphasize positive relationship building. Themes and activities are selected to help young people enhance their abilities, build social skills, and examine issues that are important to them. Examples of topics covered are “teamwork,” “substance abuse,” or “computer skills.”

In addition, we bring in guest speakers who share specific skills related to higher education, the trades or other professions, or even life experience. We encourage and facilitate healthy mentorship relationships to emerge from these presentations, which enable youth to find a sense of belonging in the community. It’s our goal that when foster youth leave care, they have an established network of support and view this community as their own.

Each meeting ends with a reflection on the topic and a family-style meal in the TLC.

Not only has Peacock Acres given me shelter, but I have reached goals in and have exceeded any expectations any one has set for me – I have gotten to a place that I never dreamed I could have gotten. I am a high school graduate, permanent resident, am holding full-time employment, have college credits, and provide for myself. I will obtain my Bachelor’s degree. I have been able to make my mother proud and am trying to be a better role model for my older and younger siblings. Peacock Acres has blessed me with so many opportunities that failure is no longer an option. I have broken so many cycles and will be able to become a better man and someday a wonderful husband and father.”