Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Peacock Acres


Peacock Acres provides supportive housing, intense case management, and life coaching for foster children and young adults who have been separated from their families. With high character and resolve, our youth are steered towards opportunities for healing and growth as they continue their journey toward a fulfilling, productive life.

The Big Idea

Due to financial barriers many foster youth are unable to participate in different cultural, artistic and recreational experiences. These experiences are vital to the personal development of youth. The Godparent Society (GPS) is an association of caring community members dedicated to meeting this need by providing financial scholarships and purchases for foster youth living in Monterey County. GPS members also volunteer their time as mentors and advocates, building relationships with foster youth to help them achieve their goals. The GPS makes it possible for foster youth to participate in the same types of activities enjoyed by other youth, including football camp, music lessons, or even renting a tuxedo for prom. Requests for funding are submitted by foster youth, their advocates, or representatives, and reviewed immediately by members of the GPS. Peacock Acres aims to reduce barriers for foster youth by supporting the aspirations of as many young people as possible.

"Without Peacock Acres, I would probably be homeless, living on the streets and not continuing my education."