Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Salinas Reading Is Fundamental


Our mission is provide our over 17,300 preschool through sixth grade students the opportunity to freely select three books a year, to take home, read, share, and keep forever.

The Big Idea

We contact schools for their students’ grade level needs, purchase great fiction and non-fiction books, and allow preschool through sixth graders to select three books to take home and keep forever.

SARIF has thirty-one school sites in Salinas, North Monterey County and Castroville, preschool through sixth graders, that participate in free selection of books for children. Schools are contacted for their grade level needs and to collect $1 per child. All students in a school participate. The all volunteer board then scours book sellers for amazing fiction and non-fiction books at deeply discounted prices. Books are shipped to our book room at Gabilan View School and repacked for each school’s needs. Volunteer distributors for each school come to the book room, receive paperwork on the books they are receiving and the books they will distribute. These volunteers set up a RIF Day three times a year at their schools, and children come to select the RIF book of their choice. Each child freely selects and keeps the books forever. A board member volunteers to write grants to help underwrite the cost of the books, a volunteer secretary contacts schools and distributors, several of the volunteer board members select books for the program, the volunteer treasurer receives income and pays expenses, and the volunteer book coordinator packs and directs the board members packing the books.

Children completing the sentence “I like to select my RIF book because…” said:
It was about losing a tooth and I just lost a tooth! (Kindergarten student)
My best friend got the same book as me! (Grade 1 student)
I can choose from all the books! (Grade 2 student)
We don’t have to bring them back! (Grade 3 student)
I like to share books with others. (Grade 4 student)
I like the series “Clementine.” (Grade 5 student)
I like to read about pirates! (Grade 6 student)

— RIF students, Age 10, Salinas