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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Save Our Shores


To steward clean shores, healthy habitats, and living waters to foster thriving marine ecosystems across California's central coast

The Big Idea

Save our Shores works to foster thriving marine ecosystems through the stewardship of healthy, living waters and clean shores. This nonprofit’s Big Idea commits to tripling the amount of outdoor learning opportunities. By adapting its proven programs to outdoor settings, programs like the food web game help students connect to each other to visualize the complex ocean food system, and ultimately to develop a deeper understanding of environmental issues while receiving the benefits of being outside.

"I enjoyed the hands on game portion this year. The students gained more from interacting and we had good discussions after the presentation." - Whitney Hegg, Teacher, Pacific Coast Charter School "I liked the big model of a community near the ocean. The kids really understand the concept of ‘flows to the bay’." - Laura Roth, Teacher, Bradley School

- Whitney (quote 1) and Laura (quote 2) Hegg (quote 1) and Roth (quote 2)

Attention Monterey County Nonprofits

Monterey County Gives! launches November 10th, 2022.

The RFP for 2022 is now closed.