Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Second Chance Family & Youth Services


It is our mission to assist in the reduction of gang activity and prevent youth from continuing or accepting a destructive gang lifestyle that will destroy or lead to a loss of life. While our primary goal is aimed at youth, our underlying objective is to educate the community to become mobilized to assist in the cessation of such disruptive behavior.

The Big Idea

Our idea is to have Trained Crisis workers respond to the family members home at the same time to provide the necessary grief support/counseling. Additionally, we will provide spiritual care as requested, edge care and counseling for young children siblings of the victim, providing emergency meals, support in dealing with burial, death benefits and other related supports/services. No other group or program does this in Monterey County.

2C helps people get ahead in life, it gives them hope, and are able to look to the future…it helped change my life and now I am back in school full-time and will graduate...

- Celia Ariza