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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Siembra Latinos Fund


To inspire philanthropy and giving by Latinos for Latinos in Monterey County

The Big Idea

Siembra Latinos Fund (SLF) seeks to recognize and celebrate the resilience of Monterey County Latinos by supporting programs in the community that will create a pathway to education, mental wellness and economic opportunities. SLF is thinking and working differently as we center and integrate the voices that have been excluded in the past in philanthropic decision making. To that end, as we provide grant funding, we are also reframing the Latino community long-standing tradition of giving, rooted in a strong cultural background and experiences as immigrants, from informal philanthropy to organized philanthropy. Ultimately, we seek to make fundraising more accessible so Latinos see themselves as change-agents and tap into this community’s collective power and change.

My parents instilled in us culture, family, values and philanthropy

- Judy Guzman Krueger