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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Sol Treasures


Sol Treasures awakens and nurtures appreciation and passion for the arts in people of all ages in South Monterey County and provides a home for creative and inspiring opportunities to unify the community through art and culture.

The Big Idea

Sol Treasures aims to sustain, strengthen and expand their youth music and performance groups, providing opportunities for kids to express themselves artistically and share their talent with the community. Sol Treasures offers performing opportunities through the Children’s Musical Theater Program, Sol-Choir, SOL Strings Orchestra and group and individual music instruction. Underserved children and youth in South Monterey County and rural areas get opportunities for creative expression in collaborative youth activities and cultural events, resulting in new skills, self-confidence and sense of community acceptance. With no other youth theater program in South County, this King City nonprofit provides the only chance many children in the area have to participate in live theater. Sol Treasures draws more than 4,500 children ages 7-14, and over 1,000 community members annually.

It is because of you that I am pursuing a career choice of theater. You taught me so much in life. Because of you I have been able to grow as an actress and even more as a person. Now with even more of your help I am able to go off to college in San Francisco to become an even better actress. No matter where I go in life, it will all be thanks to you.

- Avery G., age 18