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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Teddy Bears with Heart


Our mission is to gift teddy bears and stuffed animals to first responders and agencies that work with children in crisis, the forgotten elderly and the terminally ill, Covid Patients and their families.

The Big Idea

Being in the hospital can be a cold and harsh experience, and Teddy Bears with Heart aims to make that experience a little bit gentler. The nonprofit provides stuffed animals to hospitals and first responders who work with children, elderly people or others in need who may need someone to cuddle in a difficult moment. The Big Idea is to purchase more stuffed animals as well as face masks to distribute to their partners on the front lines who are caring for Covid-19 patients and people facing other crises. A huggable, non-judgmental friend can sometimes be what gets someone through the worst of times.

.....Some of the major beneficiaries are Emergency Room patients who often arrive frightened, stressed, and experiencing a range of emotions. The staff and volunteers continually watch for patients needing extra care. Sometimes it is to offer a coffee, a cup of water, a snack, calming conversation – and sometimes it is a stuffed animal provided by Teddy Bears with Heart. The stuffies make hospital visits more calm and less stressful. A hospital visit does not have to be a cold, clinical experience. We at CHOMP deeply appreciate the work of Teddy Bears with Heart.

- Neil Poling

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