Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

The Forest Theater Guild


The purpose of the Forest Theater Guild is to uphold our heritage and the integrity of Carmel’s historic Forest Theater through stewardship and preservation of its unique character. Further, the
mission of the Guild is to present quality performing arts and foster the growth and appreciation of the dramatic arts among the community using local talent with an emphasis on youth. Our programs offer participants training at the beautiful and historic theater, where they gain hands-on experience next to our professional staff and by becoming involved with our live plays, films, and events.

The Big Idea

Project Equal Access aims to provide deaf and special needs individuals with access to Forest Theater Guild performing arts events in a genuine and comfortable atmosphere.

Project Equal Access serves an under-served population in Monterey County that would like to attend theater and performing arts events but, feel unable to do so because of their special needs; we found thru our 2017 season that there is not an abundance of regular sign language interpreters for theater and performing arts in our area as it is rather specialized skill. We would like to partner with the interpreters that we worked with to offer mentorship to students wishing to learn this skill so that we can develop a pool of interpreters for our area as well as to develop a manageable and replicate able program for others to learn from; devising a model that is easily employed by others, to train and mentor others to do the same. It is our big idea to provide at least one show from each production dedicated to deaf and special needs individuals so they and their caregivers may attend and enjoy the same show that everyone else does in a safe and nurturing environment. Further we would provide and better advertise in advance of event, at least one performance of each production that includes sign language interpreters so those with hearing impairments may also enjoy the theater.

The Forest Theater Guild is one of Paraphrase’s key partners. Because of them, we have been able to perform annually at the famous Outdoor Forest Theater in Carmel. The Forest Theater Guild not only aided us financially and physically, they have helped us learn and grow to be better masters of our craft.

— Paul Davis, Age 19, Pacific Grove