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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Veterans Transition Center


Empowering Veterans From Crisis to Self-Sufficiency

The Big Idea

The Veterans Transition Center (VTC) hopes to expand its capacity to serve as a model to solve the state’s homeless veterans crisis, doubling the number of veterans at VTC by increasing housing options and programs. They partner with other organizations to enhance their wraparound services for addiction, mental health, medical referrals, case management, food pantry and employment training. Their goals can be summed up in an acronym: VET. That’s 1) Visualization—to show the extent of the homeless veteran problem, given that California is home to 25 percent of all homeless veterans; 2) Expand housing and services, while diversifying funds and programs; and 3) Template—or record, design and advocate VTC as a model for state programs serving veterans.

I am an Army vet, a tank driver. When I left the service, I was lost. Eventually I ended up addicted to meth and wandering the streets in the Bay Area. I heard of VTC, applied, and got a magic phone call. VTC gave me a roof over my head and a case manager. For the first time in my life I followed all instructions. I got clean, went to all the meetings, did what I needed to do, and avoided dangerous people. At the end, I got a permanent house and a good job. VTC gave me back my confidence and made me a productive member of society.

- Tony White