Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Youth Arts Collective


YAC’s mission is to inspire creativity, kindness and confidence in our local youth through artistic expression and mutual respect. Our core values are to provide and promote creative opportunity, tolerance, education, diversity, self-expression, fun and respect. YAC’s vision is simple: Do Art. Be Kind.

The Big Idea

Elders Portrait Project - Young artists ages 14-22 are paired with elder artists and/or community activists, age 75 or older. They meet for an extended conversation for a glimpse into each other’s lives and perhaps each other’s generation. Candid photos are taken for reference and a month later, the YACster emerges with two portraits - one of the elder, and the other, a self-portrait.

Youth Arts Collective is proud to announce the community unveiling of the Portraits Project at the Sunset Center October 2019. 35 portrait pairings will be exhibited honoring the elders who have contributed to our community’s greater good, our cultural and artistic heritage. Once shared with the community, each portrait will be given to the elder and their families.

Seaside Project – YACsters, alongside YAC mentors as guest artists, teach project-based art to under-served youth, at The Village Project after-school program twice per month. YACsters learn communication skills and a bridge is created between our communities.

Teaching Across Generations – Workshops offered three Saturdays a month introduce youth ages 8-13 to art’s creativity.

YAC's motto "Do Art, Be Kind" is building bridges.

YAC does so much more than make good art; it makes good people. I came from a turbulent home-life and limited financial means. The daily mentorship nurtured my art and gave me hope that I could create a life for myself beyond what my parents or I thought possible. Having the safe, nurturing space to create art, show it, and be in a community of people sharing the experience of art taught me how to dream big, and how to succeed. Elisabeth Donley teaches art in an Oakland elementary school and continues to paint and sculpt

- Elizabeth Donley