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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Big Sur Marathon Foundation


The non-profit Big Sur Marathon Foundation creates beautiful running events that promote health and benefit our community. Its youth fitness programs get kids on their feet and out running in schools around the county, and the country.

The Big Idea

For most kids, running comes naturally. And for kids who run in school, from elementary age to college, a lifetime love of running starts there. In 2021, however, Monterey County schools were in danger of having nowhere to run cross country. To meet that need, the non-profit Big Sur Marathon Foundation and the Parks District built a best-in-class, safe certified 1.8-mile running and hiking trail at Palo Corona Regional Park. $350,000 donated by local individuals and foundations funded it, and the first meets were held this Fall. The story only starts here, though—successful cross-country meets take equipment, staff support, scheduling, course maintenance and more. BSMF has committed to raising $60,000 a year for these costs so our schools don’t have to pay. Your gift to the Palo Corona Trail Fund ensures schools can hold races years to come. Meanwhile, park visitors can enjoy this beautiful new walk in the park.

The funds from the Big Sur Marathon Foundation grant mean a lot to the Community Partnership for Youth. We’re a grassroots organization and we don’t have deep pockets, so we’re always trying to be creative in raising funds that keep our program going. The marathon’s an amazing fundraiser for the amazing amount of work that’s being done in our community, and it’s special for high schoolers to be part of it.

- Ben Bruce