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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Big Sur Marathon Foundation


To put on beautiful running races and to improve the health of Monterey County residents.

The Big Idea

The Big Sur Marathon Foundation is working on JUST RUN, a home-based, online youth fitness program to assist and motivate students and families to exercise. Their award-winning program has promoted fitness, good citizenship and healthy eating in Monterey County schools for the past 16 years. With a decrease in funds due to Covid-19 (and the cancellation of races), the foundation is seeking support for website development and operating costs to continue in their efforts in providing quality physical activity. The JUST RUN program is available to all schools and youth organizations year-round, and represents diverse demographic groups in terms of race, gender and ability.

It’s priceless to see my son’s run accomplishments and the growth of his confidence in running. Even better is that we spend time running together on a regular basis. We need the program to continue now more than ever, given these unprecedented challenging times. We can all benefit from such a wonderful, encouraging and supportive program.

- Amy Brandt