Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

G I Josie


G.I. Josie, Inc., is dedicated to saving and improving the lives of women veterans and their children by supplying affordable housing in a ranch setting and offering animal interaction as well as other non-clinical therapies in order for them to mitigate as well as eradicate the suffering and suicides which arise from the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Military Sexual Trauma incurred as a result of their service in the United States Military. The serenity of our proposed chosen location along with continual access to our non-clinical therapy programs will allow our veterans the place, time and means to heal and conquer their traumas and move forward to achieve their goals in life.

The Big Idea

Saving Stallions, Soldiers & Sailors adopts rescue horses for the express purpose of providing women veterans and their children with the proven healing qualities that occur between horses and humans. Saving Stallions, Soldiers & Sailors bring together souls whose trust has been egregiously broken. Working as a team, both the veteran and her horse find restored faith and trust as they learn to rely on each other for emotional support. The love and bond each feel cannot be understated; It is paramount to the ongoing healing both desperately need. In addition to horse interaction, our veterans now have the opportunity to help build our Josie stables, paddocks, bathing station and run-ins as we expand our program. Working to provide a home for their horse is extremely rewarding as the act of nurturing is healing in and of itself. Our vets and their horse are building a bond for life and will, and in essence, save each other. Further, and quite importantly, Saving Stallions, Soldiers & Sailors is available to our women veterans seven days a week providing the flexibility needed to seek solace at a moments notice. With this program, peace is but a short gallop away.

"As a female veteran myself, I am glad to know that G.I. Josie will provide unique services to women in need. Sometimes we just need time and space to heal, and G.I. Josie provides that safe space."
- Casey Lucius, former Pacific Grove councilwoman now residing in Naples, Florida.

- Casey Lucius