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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Project


The Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Project (MBSTP) mission is: To conserve and recover salmon and steelhead native to the Monterey Bay region through conservation, enhancement, and education programs, including the Salmon & Trout Education Program (STEP) in local classrooms.

The Big Idea

The Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Project hopes to deliver accessible, inspiring K-12 internet-based science curriculum for home use based on local salmonid ecosystems, while also continuing their mission of increasing the Monterey Bay salmon population. Their Salmon and Trout Education Program (STEP) has been used in classrooms in the past, but now will offer home activities, interactive livestreamed field trips and online resources to support teachers in the delivery of high-quality science education. Salmon are a critical part of the Monterey Bay ecosystem and local economy, and fish numbers have declined precipi- tously in recent decades. With public support, the nonprofit is releasing salmon smolts directly into the bay, an effective way to enhance the local fishery and marine ecosystem.

Salmon are invaluable parts of our natural environment and this project is doing so much good bringing them back to the coastal community.

- Patrick Ho